Garden Guru Hori Hori Garden Knife

Garden Guru Hori Hori Garden Knife

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Introducing the Garden-Blade-SSR, a beautiful Japanese Style Hori Hori Garden Knife. This is the perfect addition to any garden tool kit.

The Hori Hori Knife is a age-old Japanese designed tool that has a multitude of uses. Weeding garden beds, Cutting through sod, Digging up and Sawing through roots, Planting seedlings, Transplanting, Slicing fertilizer and feed bags. There is not much more that can be asked of one tool.


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  • A Japanese gardening hori hori knife is one of the best gardening gifts for gardeners. This weeding knife is also great for cutting, digging, sawing, planting, probing, transplanting and slicing - Not much more can be expected from your garden equipment.
  • Rust resistant stainless steel full tang blade is strong and less likely to break under pressure. Thick for strength and durability, wide and concave for scooping, sharp flat edge for cutting, serrated edge for sawing, spear point for prying, millimeters and inches marks for measuring planting depths.
  • Comfortable tropical Rose Hardwood handle offers incredible grip is decay resistant and accents this elegant knife perfectly. This soil knife is a necessary addition to your bonsai tools or add it to your cool camping gear.
  • A Hori hori knife is not just for gardeners, it’s an essential component to your camping equipment, hiking equipment, metal detecting, placer mining or survival kits. This garden/camping knife is one of the most perfect gardening gifts for men or women, it’s a crucial appendage in all outdoor situations.
  • Proper Knife Usage Practices

    The Garden-Blade-SSR is designed to be used for planting, weeding, transplanting, cutting roots, sod cutting, removing plants and splitting perennials. It also makes a great probing tool for metal detecting.

    The Garden-Blade-SSR comes sharp from the factory, please be careful while handling. Always maintain a strong grip while in use.

    • Always keep the tip of the knife pointed away from you.
    • Always be aware of the placement of your other hand and fingers, take care to avoid placing them in front of the knife point or it’s blade.
    • Make sure that the handle is dry and not slippery as to avoid your grip hand accidentally sliding down the handle and onto the exposed blade.
    • Keep the blade sharp. A sharper knife cuts easier with less force.
    • Analyze and plan your cut. Make sure your hands and body are away from the direction that force is about to be applied with the knife.
    • Do not use the tip of the knife as a pry bar, though strong, the tip can break off when used as a lever.
    • Always make sure that the object you are cutting is stable and not prone to fall or tip while cutting causing you to loose control of the knife.
    • Pay Attention and Be Careful!
  • Garden Blade SSR Daily Maintenance

    After each day’s use, clean the dirt, sap and plant residue off the blade and handle by using mildly soapy water and an old toothbrush or other non-metallic brush.Avoid chlorine based soaps, they can damage the stainless steel blade.

    Do not leave the knife submerged in water for an extended period of time. Clean and dry quickly!

    After cleaning, be sure to dry well with a cloth and spray oil based lubricant on both sides of the blade. Wipe excess oil off before storing.
    After lubricating the blade make sure to store the knife in a dry place out of the weather, away from children and outside of the sheath.

    Sheaths are known to collect moisture, which can speed up rust and blade deterioration.

    Before making cuts, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess lubricant.

    When using the knife for cutting any food items, wash the lubricant off with soapy water and rinse well before handling edibles.

  • Garden Blade SSR Sharpening Instructions

    Tool Sharpening – Here is what you need to get started

    • Old Toothbrush or Similar Brush, Steel Wool
    • Soapy Water
    • Sharpening Stone or File
    • Serrated Knife Sharpener
    • Lubricating Oil
    • Dry Cloth

    Important – It is best to sharpen Stainless Steel often before it becomes extremely dull and more difficult to regain a sharp edge. A few quick strokes when you notice your blade starting to dull and you will never be without a sharp edge.

    I recommend using the DMT Diamond File Sets and the DMT Serrated Knife Sharpener or similar sharpeners from other brands. Diamond files seem to be much easier and quicker, especially for beginners than a traditional sharpening stone.
    Thoroughly clean the blade of any plant sap and residue build up with the toothbrush and soapy water. For really sticky material use a solvent and/or steel wool to clean the stainless steel. Dry the blade once clean.

    FLAT EDGE – Take your file or stone, and only on the beveled edge of the blade, file all the way along the blade away from you in one direction. With slight pressure, file repeatedly, slow and easy at nearly the same angle as the beveled edge.

    The edge should start to shine as the old metal is shaved off. Do not file back and forth. After the edge is sharp, pass the file once on the under side of the blade to clean off any metal burrs.

    SERRATED EDGE – Match the diameter of the cone on the serrated knife sharpener to the size of the serration on your knife. Serrated knife sharpeners are usually tapered to match the different serration sizes.

    With the sharpener in one hand and the knife in the other, use a few short, soft, back and forth strokes to sharpen the beveled edge of each individual serration.

    Keep the sharpener near perpendicular to the beveled edge. After a few light strokes, feel for a burr on the underside of the knife. Once you can feel the burr move on to the next serration.

    Once all the serrations are sharp, pass the file once on the under side of the blade to clean off any metal burrs.

    Wipe the knife off and give it a light oil.

    Store it in a dry safe place and it is ready to use for the next job!