Garden Guru Professional Dual Mode Ratchet Pruner

SKU: GG_DualClip
  • Great dual mode anvil cutting garden pruners for serious gardeners. This is a heavy, high quality pruning shear with a ratchet mode you’ll be proud to own or gift. Perfect for cutting stems and light branches. Includes Safety Lock and Dual-mode switch to engage powerful ratchet setting.
  • Incredibly sharp tree trimmers with High Carbon Steel Blade with nonstick protective coating. Razor sharp curved cutting blade maximizes cutting effectiveness, cuts cleanly every time without crushing plant material. Single Cut mode is ideal for delicate pruning, and trimming of foliage and branches.
  • Ratchet setting makes tough cuts easier and helps reduce wrist strain and fatigue. 4X the cutting power to make pruning, cutting and grafting a breeze. As you squeeze the shears, the ratchet mechanism kicks in and sets on the next setting, increasing pressure so you can release and squeeze again, cutting in stages instead of all at once. The ratchet only engages when actively in use.
  • Practically indestructible, heat treated hardened carbon steel fabrication is ultra strong, will last longer and is less likely to fracture, nick or need frequent sharpening like other trimming scissors.


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