Garden Guru Razor Sharp Snippers

Garden Guru Razor Sharp Snippers

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Introducing the GB6-Clean-Cut Precision Trimmer – a 6-inch pruning snip specifically designed for working with small edible plants, flowers, culinary herbs, hydroponics, green bud trimming and cleaning.

These trimmers are built to easily cut up to 5mm or 3/16inch diameter stems and are the go-to tool for today’s growers that need smaller, sharper, easier to clean and more rust resistant blades for green growth pruning.



  • PERFECT FOR LIGHT CUTTING AND TRIMMING - Designed to Slice through plant material up to 3/16 Inches Thick. Ergonomic Zinc Handle Bodies - Comfortable Thermo Plastic Rubber Handles - Corrosion Resistant High Grade Stainless Steel Blades.
  • MULTI-USE VERSATILE TOOL - Super Sharp Comfortable Scissor great for Collecting Fresh Culinary Garden Herbs, Trimming Flowers, Opening Food Packaging, Hobby and Craft Uses.
  • EASY TO SHARPEN AND MAINTAIN- Minimal moving parts and Stainless Steel fabrication make these 6 Inch Snips a snap to sharpen, clean and maintain.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE AND STRONG - TPR Anti-slip Ergonomic Handle Grips go easy on Arthritic Gardening Hands. Small Size yet Heavy Duty.


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  • Trimmer Best Usage Practices

    Here is a short outline about the proper use for the GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer

    The GB6-Clean-Cut is designed to comfortably cut small stems up to 5 millimeters or 3/16 inch diameter.

    They will slice through thicker stems with ease but too much force can over stress the zinc alloy handle bodies. For thicker branches take a look at our GR8-Cut Bypass Pruner, it’s designed to handle serious abuse.

    The GB6 is a versatile cutting tool that’s the perfect size, weight and feel for delicate green growth cut’s around the home garden. We designed these precision trimmers specifically for cutting, collecting and cleaning small edibles, flowers, culinary herbs and tender indoor hydroponically grown plants.

    These pruners are ergonomically designed with soft well-fitting handles that can be used in either your left or right hand.

    Remember to always make your pruning cuts at about a 45deg angle leaving a smooth surface.  Smooth clean cuts heal faster. So it is important to keep the GB6 sharp and clean.

    To help maintain a healthy plant make cuts close to the remaining bud or trunk, but not right up against it. You want to allow some healing space with out damaging the growing bud or trunk.

    These tips are by no means all there is to know about proper usage, but these basics will get you started on the proper pruning track.

  • Trimmer Maintenance

    Follow the simple directions below and your precision trimmer should cut clean and true for years to come.

    The GB6 is designed for delicate trimming, so it is usually used with edibles like culinary herbs, therefore it is not recommended that you lubricate it with a petroleum based product.

    If you choose to use a petroleum based lubricant or cleaner just make sure and wipe the access oil off with a dry cloth and spray a little alcohol on the blades and wipe again with another clean cloth before cutting your edibles.

    I recommend using a kitchen vegetable oil to keep the GB6 lubricated.

    Though the GB6 is constructed with corrosion, stain and rust resistant stainless steel, if the blade is left with plant residue or moisture on it for an extended period of time the blades will begin to corrode.

    The best practice for maintenance is to clean the GB6 Trimmer at the end of each day with a little kitchen dish soap and water using an old toothbrush or something similar to clean off any sap or plant residue.

    After cleaning and drying, drop a few drops of coconut, olive or any other vegetable oil on the blades. Open and close the blades a few times to make sure the oil gets in between them.

    Wipe any excess oil from the Thermo Plastic Rubber Handles that may have gotten on them and store your GB6-Clean-Cut Trimmer in a dry area.

    If used for their intended purposes the stainless steel blades on the GB6 will stay sharp for a very long time. Though I recommend giving them a quick clean after each use, they only need to be sharpened every few months or so depending upon use.

    To sharpen, first make sure they are clean and dry. Take your file or stone and only on the beveled edge of the blades file all the way along the blade away from you in one direction. I highly recommend the DMT Diamond File Sets. They are thin and easily fit between the blades.

    With slight pressure, file repeatedly, slow and easy, at nearly the same angle as the beveled edges. You will notice the edges start to shine as the old metal is shaved off. Do not file back and forth.

    After the beveled edges are sharp pass the file once on the under side of the blades to clean off any metal burrs.

    Once you are satisfied with the sharpness wipe clean and lubricate all the sharpened steel.

    Use these tips and remember, if you keep your Garden Guru Lawn and Garden Tools clean and oiled they will probably last forever.