Garden Guru Gloves

Garden Guru Gloves

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Garden Guru Premium Garden Gloves for Women and Men (2 Gloves per Package) - Comfortable and Durable Gloves for Gardening, Housework, Yardwork, Fishing, Clamming, and More


  • Premium Gardening Gloves for Women and Men that keep fingernails and hands clean and protect from nicks and cuts while still providing breathability and maneuverability. Great gift for any gardener.
  • Stunningly comfortable, these gloves are easy to manuever while working on delicate plants and flowers and using precise hand tools such as pruners, scissors and trowels. Machine washable for easy cleaning!
  • Durable and rubber coated to keep your hands and nails protected from scrapes, small thorns, cuts, and dirt.
  • Perfect for weeding, planting, digging, landscaping, picking blackberries and other fruits, flowers, or vegetables, and for other yard chores. Also great for construction and garage work, fishing, and other projects.


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